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Select or create a beat, record an instrument and keep recording whatever you want.

4 channels available

four channels

You have four channels to jam with yourself, or two channels to jam with a friend anywhere in the world.

Any instrument works

collaborative music

Jamracks.io allows the creation of collaborative music remotely. While the calls are 1 to 1, nothing stops you from creating a new invite link, and pairing with someone else on the same session. The old link will stop working, and you can create invite links as many times as you want. They won't need to create an account in Jamracks.io to accept it!

Do not send the same link to more than one person, only one at a time can be paired with your session

iMac / iOS compatible
Touchscreen device to control the interface

Single & Double device modes

Jamracks.io doesn't need instalation, it runs on any modern web browser. You can start from a smartphone, and record some tracks or make a call. Change to the Double device mode seamlessly

Any soundcard will work


Using the Double device mode, the computer will grab the sound from your soundcard or an external interface, you decide. Make sure to set the correct gain in order to capture the best audio.

The sound plays in sync

Easy recording / Punch in

The phone will control the system and playback the sound. This is called Interface, from there you can punch in, sync and confirm tracks, create invite links to your sessions.

Everything stays in your phone

Everything in your pocket

All the music is saved in your phone, you can save multiple sessions. You can be anywhere, start jamming and create a session, then back at home start the Double Device mode, and keep working or inviting others to collaborate

For now, Jamracks.io is FREE to use

You can use Jamracks.io Beta without limits, but you cannot Export a session MP3 with a free account!

To become Premium, just become a patron in our Patreon page

As premium user, you can do unlimited exports of your sessions

If you would like to support us, here are some options:

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